Mein Freebies


New paperbacks from Night Shade Books









Teasing other bloggers who lovingly photograph their free review copies (in Cancel the Riot) seems to have gotten me noticed by publishers. So I borrowed Diana’s digital camera to record this influx of freebies for posterity. The photos aren’t terrific — it looks like I need a lot more practice before I get really good at posing books. (That was subtle, Mike.)

Thanks to Night Shade Books for an interesting batch — I’m already halfway through the reprint of Glen Cook’s The Dragon Never Sleeps. Nothing rivets my attention like a John Berkey cover.

I’m also amazed at the generosity of Stephen Haffner (Haffner Press) who sent three Edmond Hamilton collections — these are superbly-made books. They’ll make a great introduction to the master’s work.

Edmond Hamilton collections from Haffner Press

Edmond Hamilton collections from Haffner Press

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3 thoughts on “Mein Freebies

  1. If you get those little easels for collector’s plates at a crafts store, you will find it easier to pose your books. We use them at book signings.

  2. I’m sure the thrill wears off eventually, but I can testify it hasn’t worn off after the first 10 books.

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