Middle-Earth Cuisine Offered
at LOTR Marathon

Meals fit for a hungry hobbit will be served while fans watch the Lord of the Rings marathon August 21 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. America’s number one theater, famous for its dinner-and-movie combinations, needed literally only a few minutes to sell all 147 tickets to this special event whose menu is inspired by Middle-Earth. Better, Chef John Bullington will be serving the food on a schedule calculated to warm a hobbit’s heart:

First Breakfast:
Fresh Hens eggs, nice crispy bacon, grilled mushrooms and orange slice

Second Breakfast
Strawberries and Cream

Pan Seared Sausage and tomatoes with cheeses, cabbage and pickles

Braised Spareribs with mashed potatoes, roast carrots

Afternoon Tea
Baby greens with garlic blackberry vinaigrette, cheese herb galette, served with tea cookies

Stewed Coney (rabbit) with taters, carrot, and leek, fresh garden herbs with crusty bread

Swirl of tomato and spinach soups wild mushroom crouton, apple pie

All that’s lacking is some sushi for Gollum…

Movie-themed menus are one of the regular attractions of Alamo Drafthouse theaters, and other examples of Chef Bullington’s work – menus for King Kong and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – can be found online. The demand for tickets to the LOTR event was so overwhelming that they will rerun the event in November. Tickets go on sale on August 26.

If you don’t get in, you still can dress as if you did. Somebody is already selling an unofficial Hobbit Feast t-shirt that shows restaurant icon Big Boy – with furry feet.

Among their other events with appeal to fans is this one reported by Craige Howlett on Smofs, “They have also decided to do a Firefly
marathon which was listed on their web site like this: ‘Warm up for Serenity with all 14 hours of the beloved TV show on the big screen with trivia, prizes, Chinese swearing lessons, special Chinese menu items, and more! We’re going to watch all of the episodes of the original show (in the order they were supposed to be shown in, not the wacky mixed up way FOX decided to air them) on the big screen. And we’re going to learn how to swear in Chinese too!’”

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