More Reasons to Read Classic SF

“Big Poobah” Stephen Haffner recruits today’s classic writers to point the spotlight at the past greats he’s reprinting.

Grand Master Anne McCaffrey will write the introduction to the Haffner Press edition of Leigh Brackett’s Shannach – The Last: Farewell to Mars, and Mike Resnick is writing the intro for Henry Kuttner’s Thunder in the Void.  

The full press release with more Haffner Press news follows the jump.

Greetings everybody. A lot to share, announce, and update in re: goings-on at Haffner Press (, so getting to it: 
1) THE UNIVERSE WRECKERS: THE COLLECTED EDMOND HAMILTON, VOLUME THREE and THE COLLECTED CAPTAIN FUTURE, VOLUME TWO are at the printer and the galleys are undergoing their final check. Barring mishaps, we plan to have copies in mid-March. 
2) We are pleased to announce that Grand Master Anne McCaffrey will write the introduction to Leigh Brackett’s SHANNACH—THE LAST: FAREWELL TO MARS. We can also announce that the endpapers for SHANNACH will feature artwork by Ed Emshwiller from PLANET STORIES. This will be a spectacular title for your bookshelf. 
3) We have been running an Early-Bird special at for an exclusive book, AN INSIDE LOOK, for (pre)orders of Kuttner’s TERROR IN THE HOUSE, UNIVERSE WRECKERS, CAPT. FUTURE #2, and SHANNACH. We will continue to run this offer until we take possession of stock on UNIVERSE WRECKERS and CAPT. FUTURE #2, so if you’re thinking about getting in on this offer, the clock is ticking . . . 
4) We have locked the contents for THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF THE JACK WILLIAMSON LECTURESHIP and will be announcing the retail price and begin taking pre-orders later this week. 
5) The folks handling permissions for Ralph McQuarrie have come through big-time with the delivery of the cover art for AT THE HUMAN LIMIT, THE COLLECTED STORIES OF JACK WILLIAMSON, VOLUME EIGHT. The artwork for the endpapers is also finished (see and we hope to launch this title at the 35th Jack Williamson Lectureship on April 1st at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales. 
6) We have just closed the deal for the contents of the slipcased/limited edition of TERROR IN THE HOUSE, THE EARLY KUTTNER, VOLUME ONE: 
•1/75 copies 
• Signed by Dr. Garyn G. Roberts & Stephen Haffner 
• A chapbook available only with this edition, with: 
-Two collaborations with Robert Bloch: “The Black Kiss” and “The Grab Bag” 
-*all* of Henry Kuttner’s poetry 
-A gallery of the interior illustrations for each so-decorated story included in TERROR IN THE HOUSE 
• Matching Black Arristox cloth slipcase 
7) The slipcased limited edition of DETOUR TO OTHERNESS will be shipping in mid-February and it is beautiful! A *few* left if you’re wondering . . . 
8) Tid-bits: Work continues on the slipcased editions of THE VAMPIRE MASTER and STARK AND THE STAR KINGS (as in, we keep adding more stuff), and they should be announced as available soon. A copy of the manuscript of Henry Kuttner’s THUNDER IN THE VOID was delivered to Mike Resnick last week (he’s doing the intro) and design-work is nearing completion on TALES FROM SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION, edited by Robert Silverberg. 
We have a number of incredible projects to announce in the coming months, so keep your etherwave-set tuned to and be sure to follow us on Facebook. 
Until next time, fellow astrogators, may the (solar) winds be at your back and . . . 
Keep Watching the Skies! 
Stephen Haffner 
Big Poobah 

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