My Holiday Scroll Schedule

My sister is coming into town today and I’ll be driving her to all the family stuff. I’ll still be able to do today’s Scroll — but very late.

On 12/24 It will be late and short.

I’ll be driving all over Southern California on Christmas, likely being confused with the second coming of Santa Claus, so there will be no Scroll on 12/25. Happy holidays!

“Santa Mike” by Lynn Maudlin

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32 thoughts on “My Holiday Scroll Schedule

  1. There will be a Birthday of the traditional sort Post and a Media Birthday Post on Christmas Day, the latter which has who I think was the single most important person in SFF televised media, so do check in.

  2. Happy Winter holiday of your choice, in progress or soon to happen, everyone! And safe and pleasant travels or home-staying also.

  3. Happy holidays, safe driving — and survival of all that running around — to @OGH.

  4. @errolwi, oops – that should have been Happy December holiday of your choice, of course! Sorry about that.

    Edit: and maybe it should have been December/January, at that.

  5. … and for everybody spinning a Dreidel this week, the Hebrew letters on the sides stand for ‘Pixel Gadol Hayah Scroll’.

  6. Merry Christmas!

    So glad you mentioned “La Belle et la Bete.” It’s one of the best fantasy films ever made. Did you know the costumes were made by the House of Paquin? They’re haute couture costumes!

    The writer/director, Jean Cocteau, published his “Beauty and the Beast: Diary of a Film” shortly after the film came out. It was later translated to English. You wouldn’t believe what they went through to make this film immediately post World War II!

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