Natcon 50 Commemoration

Fans have launched a project to celebrate the 50 years of fanhistory since the first Australian National Science Fiction Convention was held at Sydney in 1952. The  Natcon 50 Project committee plans to publish a commemorative book and now they’re actively seeking out the raw material — photos, stories, programs, scanned images, or links to stuff already posted online. They’ve opened an impressive variety of technological portals to make it easy to send things to them:

You can share your Natcon mementos with us in whatever way is most convenient. If you have a Flickr account, upload photos and scanned images (or find stuff you’ve already uploaded) then tag them with “Natcon50? to add them to the pool. Or you can email us at [email protected], or contact us through our Facebook page. Keep up to date with how the project is going by following our RSS feed or follow Natcon50 on Twitter.

There’s just one thing I didn’t see – an address for sending them dead tree fanac. Did I miss it? Either way, that would be easy to fix. And I suspect some of the vintage fans who own the old, old material they need will relate more easily to making paper copies.

2 thoughts on “Natcon 50 Commemoration

  1. Thanks for linking, and thanks for the reminder about a physical postal address as well.

    We’ve added one to the list of ways you can contact us!

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