National Finish-Your-Book Day

Six hours ago John Scalzi announced he had finished writing his latest book.

And he told Whatever readers what the title of the next book in the series will be —

  1. Even though my brain is currently the consistency of fried ricotta, I’m already thinking about book two in the series, which I think I will call — are you ready, this is an exclusive! — The Last Emperox.
  2. (Yes, “emperox.” I can make up words. I’m a science fiction author, damn it.)

N. K. Jemisin followed suit two hours later, tweeting that she had finished her book.

She also told her Patreon followers what the title of that book will be. (Not reproduced here because that might aggravate the people who paid to know.)

So this has been a very productive day in the sf/f genre, I’d say.

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10 thoughts on “National Finish-Your-Book Day

  1. I don’t know what the Jemisin title is, but it occurs to me that “The Collapsing Empire” would actually work for both.

  2. If it’s as good as There Will Be Walrus then it’ll be something to look forwards to.

  3. In my not-yet-awake state this morning I read the thread title as “National Finnish-Your-Book Day” and wondered what new novels had just come out of Finland….

  4. I’m looking forward to the new Scalzi. I thought the OMW books lost a bit of their zip as the series progressed (although they were still eminently readable) but a fresh series should be quite exciting.

  5. I heard Scalzi read a bit of The Collapsing Empire at Worldcon, and it sounded good. It has the usual Scalzi snarky narrative voice.

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