Nazis In Space

A whole lot of sci-fi tv series have found an excuse to work Nazis into an episode, notes a LA Times blog, surprised it took so long for a filmmaker to realize they could go straight for the gold, never needing the crutch of series characters and framing.

Now a Finnish production company is about to give us Iron Sky, a Nazis-on-the-Moon political parody with lots of special effects and a touch of Mel Brooks style madness.

In 1945 Nazis went to the moon
In 2018 they are coming back

The Times blog sums up:

In 2018, the U.S. president, who looks suspiciously like Sarah Palin (in an Oval Office filled with taxidermied polar bears), and her sultry, ambitious campaign manager decide a moon mission is just the ticket for re-election publicity.  Astronaut/Male Model James Washington stumbles upon the secret base and becomes a prisoner and experimental subject for the moon Nazis, including the optimistic teacher Renate Richter, who later becomes his love interest.  

Together with ruthless officer Klaus Adler, they return to the Earth in advance of a major invasion.  Along the way, Renate’s idealism and Klaus’ blood lust become translated into American political campaign rhetoric. Add in a few CGI galactic battles, fanboy humor, world leaders in fisticuffs over energy supplies, and a space vixen or two, and you’ve got yourself a film.

The makers worked within a rock-bottom budget, some of it crowdsourced. The website is pleasingly silly. There are two trailers – surprisingly the teaser is the more satisfying. The full trailer is at the official site.

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2 thoughts on “Nazis In Space

  1. How did the Nazis manage to become technologically far in advance of us while having nothing but dirt to work with? There’s only so much you can do with a handful of oxygen atoms and a molecule of water or two in every bucket of lunar soil. The solar cell hadn’t even been invented yet to make use of all that limitless sun power. It would be more likely that if they ever made it back to Earth, they’d be hat in hand, begging for schnitzel and beer. Jerry Pournelle must have written the screenplay.

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