New — and different — trailer for Arrival

How hard will it be to communicate with aliens? Well, just look at how hard it is to communicate with humans who don’t speak your language, in this new trailer for Arrival.

[Thanks to JJ for the story.]

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4 thoughts on “New — and different — trailer for Arrival

  1. Nice restatement of the basic premise of the movie. I like it very much; I hope they get some nice buzz based on this ad.

  2. Dammit, I’m getting really excited about a movie based on a prose story I didn’t think could be turned into a movie, let alone a successful one.

  3. Brings to mind the conversation I had with a Pakistani gentleman several years ago as we were unloading a ship in Saudi Arabia. We shared not a single word of language in common. But it turns out that we were both married. He had two children….sons….and I had four (3/1 m/f). There wasn’t a bunch more, but we managed to offload the boat and invited him (and the rest of our help) to dinner.

    And then they stole our tools.

    A pretty good night all in all.

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