New Ray Bradbury Prize for SFF

Ray Bradbury

Today’s L.A. Times Book Prizes finalists announcement includes the first nominees for the Ray Bradbury Prize for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction, sponsored by Ray Bradbury Literary Works. The prize honors Bradbury’s literary legacy by celebrating writers working in his field today.

“Ray was a proud Angeleno who used words to both predict and prevent the future,” said a statement from Bradbury’s family. “(T)his prize recognizes authors with a similar passion for storytelling and the far-reaching effects their words have in this world,”

The Ray Bradbury Prize for Science Fiction, Fantasy & Speculative Fiction

Also of genre interest —

Walter Mosley

The 2019 Robert Kirsch Award for lifetime achievement

  • Walter Mosley

The award recognizes a writer whose work focuses on the American West. Mosley is best known for his mystery series featuring detective Easy Rawlins, a private detective in South-Central Los Angeles, however, he also has written a half-dozen sff novels, and several shorter works, including the Crosstown to Oblivion series.

“We are pleased to celebrate Walter Mosley’s 30-year writing life, which spans mysteries, short stories, science fiction, nonfiction, plays, and works for television and film,” said Times Book Editor Boris Kachka. “Whether through a detective story set in the streets of 1950s Los Angeles or essays about contemporary politics, Mosley reaches a wide range of readers, bringing about a deeper understanding of the world and the people who live in it.”

Graphic Novel/Comics

Winners will be announced at an evening ceremony in Los Angeles on April 17, the day before the start of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Stories and Ideas on the USC campus.

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3 thoughts on “New Ray Bradbury Prize for SFF

  1. The link to the Bradbury Prize announcement got me a 404 message and a list of the latest stories at the LA Times website.

    The judges have an interesting task in front of them, choosing between two novels, a novella, and two short story collections. Would you compare “This Is How You Lose the Time War” to (your choice for) the best story in each of the anthologies, or some sort of average over the whole anthology? That’s not a trick question, I have no idea (beyond the smartass answer “no”), and am glad the question didn’t come up when I was a Tiptree Award juror.

  2. I’ve Google searched the post and substituted the link I found there. That should work.

    Clicking on the link in the post got me a 404 message, too, even though when I go to the LA Times site and drill down to the post, that’s the URL I’m at. Since the Google URL is longer, I’m sure there’s an explanation, I just can’t guess what it is.

  3. Let’s hope 20 years from now people don’t decide Bradbury isn’t worth naming an award after.

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