Nichelle Nichols Recovering From Stroke

Nichelle Nichols was hospitalized June 3 after suffering a stroke. A representative for the actress told TMZ she’s awake and resting comfortably at an L.A. hospital. Doctors are conducting tests to determine the severity of the stroke.

Nichols, now 82 years old, played Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura and has been to many fan events including Gallifrey One in LA last February where a load of my friends and other fans had their photo taken with her.

7 thoughts on “Nichelle Nichols Recovering From Stroke

  1. I met her at the only con ever held at my college ( (many years after my student days). She was the GOH. Outstanding and kind lady. Friday night we were all at the Capital bar. She danced with everybody, even dragging people (including me) from the corners of the room to dance.

    No pretense in her. What you see is what you get.

    And her GOH speech was about women and minorities in science and engineering. Very well researched and delivered (as one would expect). Short version: need to increase the effort and be more effective. And – why it is necessary to do so, from the science, economic, and societal aspects.

    I wish her a full and speedy recovery. Is there a method of sending her cards and letters? Through her agent, perhaps?

  2. Mr Glyer, permit me a moment of pedantry in the interests of historical correctitude:

    Uhura, not Urhura.

  3. SocialInjusticeWorrier: I corrected it to Uhura — thanks for catching the mistake. That was a grotesque typo, wasn’t it….

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