Nippon 2017 Will Party at Anticipation

Peggy Rae Sapienza has shared an e-mail from Japanese fan Tamie Inoue announcing there will be a party at Anticipation to promote the Nippon 2017 Worldcon bid:

Peggy Rae-san,

I inform on joyous news to you.

Some number of Nippon2007 staff will start a new convention beginning next year.

And, they think that they will hold Worldcon again in Japan on the future. Shibano-san is very pleased with this news.

Kodama-san [Tomoki Kodama] and Saori-san [Saori Yamamoto] are the center of new convention’s committee.

Of course, Hiroaki [Inoue] and I are members of the committee.

I am very happy to the influence of Nippon2007 on such an activity.

Tamie Inoue

Hiroaki Inoue, of course, chaired Nippon 2007, and Tomoki Kodama (together with John Harold) ran Operations for the con.

The Nippon2017 placeholder website evidently has been online since February 14, says a small note on the site.

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