“No Sh!t, There I Was” Anthology Looks for Crowdfunding

No Sht ImageRachael Acks and publisher Alliteration Ink have opened a Kickstarter appeal to fund Acks’ anthology No Sh!t, There I Was.

Is there a better phrase to start a story than “No Shit, There I Was…”? If you hear someone start with that phrase, you know it’s going to be worth listening carefully. That’s how all the craziest – and most interesting – stories start.

And then we turned a bunch of speculative fiction authors loose on that phrase.

I mean, these stories – whew.  Science fiction. Fantasy. Humor. Even horror. What they came up with is kind of hard to believe.

But no shit, there we were.

There are 24 stories “that stretch the realm of probability” already lined up.

The authors are: Matt Dovey (who just won the Writers of the Future contest) and Stewart Baker, William Ledbetter, James Beamon, Rachael K Jones, Wren Wallis, Heather Morris, E. Catherine Tobler, Tyler Hayes, Darcie Little Badger, Jo Robson, Premee Mohamed, R. K. Duncan, Sarah Tchernev, Linda Tyler, Anne M. Gibson, Andrew Barton, Sunil Patel, David Jón Fuller, William Wood, Devyani Borade, Adrian Simmons, Frances Rowat, Lou J Berger, and Alanna McFall.

Acks is doing a slow reveal of the table of contents, story-by-story, as a series of blog posts. Two titles have already been unveiled —

The anthology’s cover artist is Brandon Chng. You can view the cover with the title unbleeped (http://imgur.com/oTm5GHr) or bleeped (http://imgur.com/ndEjF2f). Or, like me, you can look at them both!

Supporters who pledge $5 or more to the Kickstarter will receive the eBook in all three major formats: PDF, ePub, and Kindle. Every reward level above $5 includes the eBook. When you pledge $15 or more, you will get the eBook and you will also receive the trade paperback.

The Kickstarter appeal has raised $3,902 of the $8,500 target, with 31 days to go.

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