Nominee Withdraws From 2014 World Fantasy Awards

FLTSMFNTST2013Flotsam Fantastique: The Souvenir Book of World Fantasy Convention 2013 edited by Stephen Jones was selected for the 2014 World Fantasy Award shortlist in the Anthology category – a classification Jones and the book’s co-creators object to so strongly they have withdrawn the title from consideration.

Despite our submission to the members of the World Fantasy Awards Board that Flotsam Fantastique: The Souvenir Book of World Fantasy Convention 2013 is not, in fact, an anthology, nor even a professional publication, they have chosen to reject our entreaty to move the title from “Anthology” into the “Special Award—Non-Professional” category, where nominations for the previous two souvenir books we produced were placed.

Amanda Foubister, Stephen Jones, and Michael Marshal Smith also say they have been unsuccessful in getting all three of their names properly credited on the nomination.

Therefore they have issued a press release taking their work out of contention for the award.

Given the Board’s intransigent attitude over both these concerns, we are unfortunately left with no choice but to withdraw the title from consideration. As much as we regret this action—we are inordinately proud of the book and all the work that went into it—we feel that there is no other course of action left open to us, given the Board’s refusal to modify its decisions in either of these matters.

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2 thoughts on “Nominee Withdraws From 2014 World Fantasy Awards

  1. So, a World Fantasy souvenir guide was shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award? Seems a little… inbred?

  2. If the three creators feel so strongly about all their names being on the ballot, why didn’t they put all three names on the cover of their own publication? I think the WFA should respect their choice, but it seems like both choices are at odds with one another.

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