Not Ready for Mythcon Players

Not Ready for Mythcon Players

Diana snapped this photo of the Not-Ready-For-Mythcon-Players in action at Mythcon XXXIX last weekend. Adhering to a long-standing tradition, the troupe always appears in bedsheets, worn either as togas or cloaks. Their legendary comedy has even warranted a mention in the pages of the New York Times.

The Players in the photo are: Autumn Rauscher (in mask), Ellie Farrell, Bonnie Rauscher (behind microphone), Carl Hostetter, Marion Van Loo, Lee Speth (seated), Edith Crowe, Berni Phillips, Chris Gilson, and David Bratman (narrator).

Update 8/24/2008: Thanks to Wayne Hammond for the full, corrected list of Players, and his description of the action (see his comment below).

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2 thoughts on “Not Ready for Mythcon Players

  1. Hi, Mike. Here’s a full list of the players in the picture: Autumn Rauscher (in mask); Ellie Farrell; Bonnie Rauscher (behind microphone); Carl Hostetter (not Hostetler); Marion Van Loo; Lee Speth (seated, indeed “dead”); Edith Crowe; Berni Phillips; Chris Gilson (not Bruce Leonard); David Bratman. As Autumn was entering on this side of the stage, her sister Emily (also masked) was entering on the other. They met at the middle and proceeded to fight. In Ellie’s scenario, these were the dueling twins Ambar and Umbar, “fated to kill each other of their own free will” — a reference to the dueling viewpoints expressed by Carl Hostetter and Verlyn Flieger in their papers, on whether Elves had free will in Tolkien’s legendarium (Carl yes, Verlyn no), related to two pertinent Elvish words.

  2. Wayne: Thanks for the help! Hard to explain my tendency to confuse Chris Gilson with Bruce Leonard — I would do this in person, too, except they wear name badges at Mythcons.

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