Novel Apparel from Litographs

Litographs t-shirts are hand-pressed with designs created entirely from the text of classic books. You can select among the whole range of genre fiction, plus literature and nonfiction.

SF and fantasy are represented not only by Verne, Wells, Lewis Carroll, and Mary Shelley, but more recent writers like Lovecraft, Peter S. Beagle and Cory Doctorow.

I don’t know if the prices are the same for everything. The T-shirts I checked went for $34. Or you could get the same design on a poster for $24.

They say the average Litographs t-shirt contains approximately 40,000 words.

There are no Tolkien or C. S. Lewis shirts, which I understand. Knowing what the authors’ estates charge, if Litographs needed to license 40,000 words to make a thousand shirts, I bet they’d have to charge $250 per shirt to break even.

See the screening process demonstrated in this video.

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