Outer Limits Exhibit at Creature Features


Creature Features has moved back to Burbank. John King Tarpinian paid a visit –

This is the shop I just discovered that has been around, in one form or another, for thirty some odd years.  I was only in there for ten minutes but the shop has promise.

Creature Features hosted a signing of Outer Limits at 50 by David J. Schow on March 22 and is attracting attention with an Outer Limits themed gallery exhibit that will be open through April 12.

Tarpinian picked up a copy of the Schow book —

The book is a soft-cover coffee table book and the reason I just HAD to have it, other than the geek factor, is that a neighbor of mine, when growing up in Toluca Lake was on the back cover, Ralph Meeker…actually the episode he was featured.

The exhibit is an art tribute featuring newly commissioned paintings, illustrations and sculptures alongside original props and vintage memorabilia from the show.

bookParticipating artists include Steve Bissette, Tim Bradstreet, Norman Cabrera, Monte Christiansen, Ken Daly, Ricardo Delgado, Frank Dietz, John Fasano, Wolf Forrest, Garrett Immel, Phil Joyce, Bob Lizzaraga, Rebecca Lord, Gregory Manchess, Ken Mitchroney, Kemo (aka Ken Morgan), Rafael Navarro, Greg Nicotero, Mike Parks, Jeff Pittarelli, Eric October, Tim Polecat, Mike Soznowski, William Stout, Woody Welch, and Bernie Wrightson.


Creature Features is located at 2904 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. Regular store hours are: Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the photos.]

5 thoughts on “Outer Limits Exhibit at Creature Features

  1. This is the kind of book I order quickly and hopelessly without thinking. I ordered it off eBay, ten minutes ago, as the Creature Feature website was glitched and froze on me. Not on Amazon.
    Too bad that the OUTER LIMITS COMPANION is Out of Print.

  2. Is the book a redo/revision of THE OUTER LIMITS COMPANION–to which, I note immodestly (!), I contributed some of the Leslie Stevens material?

    Best, Jim

  3. The author had OOP Outer Limits Companion for sale at the event. Growing up, a neighbor was Ralph Meeker from Tourist Attraction.

  4. …and after getting it in my hands over the past day, it is as I said it was, plus pictures of the model kits, knock off art work, gag photos, sketchwork models, plot synopsis, trading cards and comic books….a mention of the “Sixth Finger” creature as the most swiped image of the series is sort of true. Pointy eared big headed aliens seem to be kind of popular.

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