Photos of Bradbury
at Los Angeles City Council

Here are John King Tarpinian’s photos of the Ray Bradbury Week ceremony in the Los Angeles City Council chambers on August 20, 2010.

(L to R): Cynthia Shor, director of the Walt Whitman Association; Steven Paul Leiva; Eric Garcetti, President of the Los Angeles City Council; Ray Bradbury. Two unidentified representatives of the Planetary Society hold their birthday card.

Eric Garcetti, President LA City Council, with Ray Bradbury

Text of LA City Council's resolution creating Ray Bradbury Week.

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3 thoughts on “Photos of Bradbury
at Los Angeles City Council

  1. In the top photo, the gent holding up the left side of the birthday-card banner is Dr. Louis Friedman, executive director of the Planetary Society.

    He’s about to step down after 30 years in that job; the new executive director will be Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

  2. @Bill — Thanks for the identification. Dr. Friedman had been announced in the press releases as someone who was going to speak in favor of the resolution, but when I looked at his photo on the Planetary Society website I couldn’t convince myself it was the same guy.

  3. FWIW, I didn’t recognize Dr. Friedman either, and I had done volunteer work in his Planetary Society offices and saw him daily for a while — but I saw a picture of myself from 1984 a few hours ago and compared to a photo taken last week, I wouldn’t have recognized *myself*, either.

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