Pixel Scroll 12/25/22 How The Grinch Stole Hugos

(1) We’re shifting to Scroll Your Own for a couple days while I spend the holiday at my brother’s. Thanks for Cat for his essay and birthdays.


[By Cat Eldridge.] America’s First Santa Statue

You didn’t think we’d would have anything special for Christmas, did you? But we do, let’s tell you about America’s first Santa Statue, and it’s a really big one. 

At the time, the statue was the center of Santa Claus Park, the bitter rival of Santa Claus Park, just a few hundred yards down the road. They’re located in Santa Claus, Indiana. No, I am not kidding. It really is legally called that. 

Carl Barrett, the owner of that Park claimed that he spared no expense in constructing his Santa, unlike his rival, and claimed that his Santa was constructed out of Mt. Arly granite. Alas he was a liar as the concrete that it was made of started falling apart with a few years. Spectacularly.

Barrett insisted his entire life that it was granite despite photos that clearly showed the crumbling concrete it was made of. The Koch family, which owns Santa Claus Land, yet another Christmas theme Park, (now renamed Holiday World) bought this property and sandblasted layers of unnecessary paint off the statue, returning Santa to his original ghostly whiteness. 

Neither of the other two Santa Claus Parks lasted all that long. Barrett left town, out of business after a series of legal actions were won by Harris. The courtroom victories, however, cost Harris too much time and money. His Santa Claus Town never grew much beyond just one attraction. By the Fifties, both were gone.  But Santa Claus is now lighted up year round courtesy of the Koch Family. 


[Compiled by Cat Eldridge.]

  • Born December 25, 1924 Rod Serling. Best remembered for the original and certainly superior Twilight Zone and Night Gallery with the former winning an impressive three Hugos. He’s also the screenwriter or a co-screenwriter for Seven Days in May, a very scary film indeed, as well as The New People series, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeA Town Has Turned to DustUFOs: Past, Present, and Future and Planet of the Apes. ISDB lists a lot of published scripts and stories by him. (Died 1975.)
  • Born December 25, 1939 Royce D. ApplegateHis best known role was that of Chief Petty Officer Manilow Crocker on the first season of seaQuest DSV. He’s got appearances in Quantum Leap, Twin Peaks (where he played Rev. Clarence Brocklehurst), Tales of the Unexpected and Supertrain. Yes, Supertrain. (Died 2003.)
  • Born December 25, 1938 Dick Miller. He appeared in over a hundred films including every film directed by Joe Dante. You’ve seen him in both GremlinsThe Little Shop of HorrorsTerminatorThe HowlingSmall SoldiersTwilight Zone: The MovieAmazon Women on the MoonBatman: Mask of the Phantasm where he voiced the gravelly voiced Chuckie Sol and Oberon in “The Ties That Bind” episode of Justice League Unlimited. (Died 2019.)
  • Born December 25, 1945 Rick Berman, 77. Loved and loathed in equal measures, he’s known for his work as the executive producer of Next GenDeep Space Nine which is my fav Trek series, Voyager and Enterprise which he co-created with Brannon Braga. He’d be lead producer on the four Next Generation films: Generations which I find boring, First Contact (which I really like), Insurrection and Nemesis.
  • Born December 25, 1952 CCH Pounder, 70. She’s had one very juicy voice role running through the DC Universe from since Justice League Unlimited in 2006. If you’ve not heard her do this role, it worth seeing the animated Assault on Arkham Asylum which is far superior to the live action Suicide Squad film to hear her character Amanda Waller, The Wall. She also had a recurring role as Mrs. Irene Frederic on Warehouse 13 as well. She’s also been in X-FilesQuantum LeapWhite Dwarf (horrid series), GargoylesMillenniumHouse of FrankensteinOuter LimitsW.I.T.C.H. and The Lion Guard. Film wise, she shows up in Robocop 3Tales from the Crypt presents Demon KnightAladdin and the King of ThievesFace/OffNetForceThe Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and several of the forthcoming Avatar films.
  • Born December 25, 1984 Georgia Moffett, 38. She’s the daughter of actor Peter Davison, the man who was Fifth Doctor and she’s married to David Tennant who was the Tenth Doctor.  She played opposite the Tenth Doctor as Jenny in “The Doctor’s Daughter” and in she voiced ‘Cassie’ in the animated Doctor Who: Dreamland which is now on iTunes and Amazon. And yes she’s in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot as herself. 

[Thanks to Chris Barkley, Andrew Porter, Michael Toman, Cat Eldridge, Mike Kennedy, and John King Tarpinian for some of these stories. Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of the day Iphinome.]

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11 thoughts on “Pixel Scroll 12/25/22 How The Grinch Stole Hugos

  1. 3) Re Pounder: I first misread “Tales from the Crypt presents Demon Knight” as “presents Damon Knight” –in his early, Futurian days he was sometimes known as “demon knight,” which I think was not capitalized.

  2. Back in the early 2000s, I liked the alien invasion series “Threshold” which was canceled so quickly that all the episodes didn’t air – but I got the whole series as a present a while back and am using holiday free time to binge it.

  3. Rick Berman – I read an interview with him, in the last millenium, and he said, outright, that when Paramount handed him the ST franchise, and at least until the interview, he hated Trek.

  4. Proving that Santa is real, I received a package today that was not expected to arrive till the 28th.

    Cider is the cutest Christmas elf. This is simple fact.

    I’m exhausted and hurt in various places, but I had a lovely Christmas dinner.

    How exhausted am I? It took me a couple of minutes to figure out Cora’s comment about the Grinch being a puppy.

  5. As I recall from my childhood in Southern Indiana, the original name of Santa Claus was Santa Fe, but when the village wanted a U.S. post office there was already a town with that name in Indiana. Apparently you can’t have post offices with the same name in one state, so the town elders whimsically suggested Santa Claus, and the name stuck. It does quite a bit of business around Christmas, forwarding thousands of letters with the Santa Claus postmark to children around the world. The park came later and was an annual excursion for everyone in the area. I haven’t been back there for many years, but as Holiday World, it’s one of the largest theme parks in the midwest.

  6. 3). Georgia Moffett is also the daughter of Sandra Dickinson, who played Trillian in the BBC series of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, along with roles in Superman III, Supergirl, Ready Player One, and the recent Emo Batman movie.

  7. I read the last two books of the expanse over the weekend. I’m wondering what others think of the ending? I liked it, though not for the reason given. Just because I don’t like the idea of using technology that we don’t understand and can’t know the side effects of.

  8. Aah the late and much revered Rod Serling. One of my SF heroes. His original TZ which started on CBS remains, IMO, one of the finest anthology TV series ever made… Of course it was always being compared to ABC’s Outer Limits (which came a little later). But they were quite different and some of Stefanos/Stevens work has some fine efforts therein (esp Demon With A Glass Hand) …Both series are now out on DVD and may be enjoyed by many fen currently too young to have seen either when first broadcast..

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