Plastic and Fantastic

By John Hertz:  There is a down town Los Angeles – somewhat.  I hasten to add I’ve lived in Chicago and Manhattan.

At 7th. & Figueroa Sts. between two office buildings is one of those shopping malls (715 S. Figueroa St., L.A. 90017).  After various names it’s currently called FIGat7th.  There’s underground parking, bus and light-rail lines, and like that.

If you’re within reach in the next couple of days you can see four giant humanoids by Amanda Parer of Australia hanging out.  They have no faces or clothes or detail.  They’re illuminated at night.

She calls them Fantastic Planetwhich she says is an homage to the 1973 René Laloux – Roland Topor stop-motion film. But these are quiet gentle visitors who only wonder what we are.  They don’t twinkle so much as glow.

Pacing off the length of a reclining one I made it about twelve standlees.  

A man and a woman under a canopy were taking questions and offering to write down E-mail addresses (or as the late great Harry Warner, Jr., so well termed it, eekmail).  So I conversed with them.  They didn’t know about Loscon XLVI or fanzines or this here Weblog (oops, sorry, Brother Farey).  So I invited them.  It seemed the fannish thing to do.

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3 thoughts on “Plastic and Fantastic

  1. Very cool. One quibble: Fantastic Planet is not stop-motion but traditional hand drawn animation, done by a studio in Prague.

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