4 thoughts on “Porter Wins Big Heart Award

  1. They give you a thing in an 8.5×11 glass frame with a big red heart on it. I was commenting at the con that now I can’t beat up neofans any more. Also, now that I’m back in NYC, I guess I have to go to a cardiologist. Or Maybe Not.

  2. Guys and gals at a medical clinic told me few years back I had an enlarged heart.

    There wasn’t much of a presentation. But I do get to take daily pills for it, so it’s not as if I got nothing out of it.

  3. Congrqatulations Andy! I note that the Big Heart Award is described as being “for service to fandom”. By that measure yours is possibly the single most accurate award given out this year. Your contributions to the recognition and preservation of fannish history in these past few years in particular have been an invaluable service to fandom and since I’ve recently been re-reading my back issues of ALGOL and STARSHIP I’ve been struck once again by the lasting quality of your publishing efforts and the obvious passion you’ve held for science fiction and for fandom for all these many years. It is very appropriate for the World Science Fiction Convention to have honored you with the presentation of the “Big Heart Award”, and in so doing to recognize your many contributions to our hobby and to the continuing adventure of Fandom.

    All best wishes,

    Curt Phillips

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