Powerless Debuts on NBC

By Carl Slaughter: This is the opening credits sequence for the new anti-superhero office comedy Powerless that premiered last night.

The comic book cover style emphasizes the premise of the show.  In the forefront, the superheroes are battling the supervillains.  In the background, the innocent bystanders are cowering for their lives trying to avoid becoming collateral damage.

The office workers in the show work for an insurance company that provides superhero damage coverage and develops technology for non-superheroes to protect themselves from the actions of supers.

In this video, the cast of the new anti-superhero comedy talk about their characters:

The fight for justice is no laughing matter! At least, it won’t be until Powerless debuts next season on NBC. In this all new #DCTV clip, we talk to the cast of the hilarious new comedy set within the DC Universe. So how difficult is it cleaning up after super heroes? Why do super-villains make such good politicians? And what’s the deal with Elongated Man, anyhow?


A piece of trivia:  One reviewer saw the original pilot at a convention a year ago and says the scrapped original is much better than the aired version.  Whether the original pilot will turn up online remains to be seen.

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4 thoughts on “Powerless Debuts on NBC

  1. The opening credits aren’t “comic book cover style”; those are actual past comics covers. And the characters aren’t working for an insurance company; that was what they did in the previous pilot, with a reference to it left in this one in that the Emily Poole lead character was shown in a quick shot to have previously worked for “Retcon Insurance”. That was the name of the setting of the first pilot (and I’m always bemused when “retcon” gets wide public use because as a shortening of the phrase “retroactive continuity” (originated by Roy Thomas), it was created by a rec.arts.comics regular way back in the Usenet days.

  2. I watched the first episode last night but I’m not very impressed so far, which saddens me, because I was really looking forward to this.

    Happy to see Danny Pudi in there, though. Tudyk feels a little like he’s phoning it in.

  3. Debut episodes often feel different from the rest of the series just because a lot of the first episode is setting it up. So I’m hoping it improves. It feels a little like the first episode of NewsRadio where everyone hated Dave Nelson.

    I don’t think I ever got Tudyk’s character in Suburgatory, possibly because I kept hoping he’d be Wash and that was never going to happen. He certainly keeps busy.

    Someone over at io9 (I think) suggested that at some point they visit the alternative reality set up by the original pilot. I like the idea, but it would just confuse most of the show’s audience.

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