Premio Robot 2020 Finalists

The Premio Robot 2020 shortlist was released February 6. The award is named for the Italian sff magazine Robot, where the winners will appear.

There were 89 submissions. The stories that made the cut are —

  • Giulia Abbate, La vita segreta dei cicloni
  • Alex Briatico, Il rifugio
  • Nicola Catellani, Le notti degli Into
  • Guido del Giudice, L’ultima caccia
  • Massimiliano Tosti, Polvere di stelle
  • Alain Voudì, Il prezzo del sangue

There is only one woman among the finalists, which the award organizers defend by saying, “It should be noted that the female participation in the prize was much lower than usual (only six women out of sixty-six total authors).”

The winner and some other finalists will be published on Robot 89, due out in the spring. It is possible that the authors of some other entries will be offered publication in Delos Science Fiction.