Premio Urania and Premio Urania Short Finalists

The editorial staff of the Italian prozine Urania has announced the finalists for their two awards.


The novels up for the Premio Urania 2021 were revealed on March 29.

Here are the finalists in alphabetical order by author:

  • Catabase di Andrea Cattaneo
  • Spine di Franci Conforti
  • Protocollo Uchronia di Nikolas Dau
  • Afterlife di Paolo Euron
  • Utopian Symphony di Antonino Fazio
  • Il protocollo Scilla di Fulvio Gatti
  • Progetto Sync Hope di Andrea Montalbò
  • DaV_Id di Fulvio LC Rex
  • Spirito di Napa Tei di Lars Schlichting
  • L’avvicinamento di Franco Veronese

The winner will be announced before summer, and released in October.


Urania’s staff declared these three stories the “winners” of the Premio Urania Short 2022, rather than calling them “finalists” as in previous years. The stories will be published as an appendix to the issue of Urania that also will host the winning novel of the Premio Urania. The public will then be able to vote for the overall winner of the competition.

  • RoB-E1R9T di Luigi Brasili ed Enrico Giustiniani
  • L’ultimo abbraccio della Terra di Emiliano Maramonte
  • La causa fantasma di Alessandro Montoro

Urania also issued the statement shown below, rendered in English by Google Translate.

The editorial staff of “Urania”, after having read and carefully evaluated the stories that participated in the sixth edition of the Urania Short Award  (2022 edition), selected the three winning works  that will be published in the Urania issue of October  2022 , together with the ballot form that all readers will be able to fill in to vote for their favorite story (each card will give the right to a single preference).

The counting of the ballots that will arrive in the editorial office by 31 December 2022 will designate the absolute winner, which will be communicated on all accessible media.

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