Prix Bob Morane 2020

The 2020 Prix Bob Morane winners were announced on August 29.

The Prix Bob Morane is a French literary prize named for a fictional adventurer created by Belgian writer Henri Vernes in the 1950s. 

Romans francophones / French Novels

  • Catherine Dufour : Danse avec les lutins, L’Atalante

Romans étrangers / Foreign Novels

  • Martha Wells : Défaillances systèmes : journal d’un assasynth [All Systems Red], l’Atalante (translated by Mathilde Montier)

Nouvelles / Short Stories

  • Christophe Corthouts : Mémoires vivaces, Évidence Éditions

Coup de cœur / Favorites

  • Jean-Pierre Andrevon : Anthologie des dystopies, les mondes indésirables de la littérature et du cinéma, Vendémiaire

The selections were made by a jury of French professionals — writers, journalists, critics, collection curators. The current members of the award jury are, Marc Bailly, Christophe Corthouts, Cathy Martin, Philippe Paygnard, Pascal J. Thomas, Isabelle Arnaud, Noé Gaillard, Éric Vial, L’équipe Phenixweb, Dorothée Bout, and Michael Fenris.

[Via Locus Online.]

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2 thoughts on “Prix Bob Morane 2020

  1. Murderbot conquers the world! 🙂

    edit — I like that word in the French version of the title: assasynth. Synthetic assassin = Murderbot. 😉

  2. They really want you to know that Murderbot is a Hugo winner — that’s bigger and much more prominent than the title!

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