Prix Imaginales de la Bande Dessinée 2023 Finalists

The finalists for the Prix Imaginales de la Bande Dessinée, awarded by Les Imaginales, have been selected.


  •  Ténébreuse – Aire Libre, Volume 2 – Vincent MALLIÉ (drawing), HUBERT (script) – published by Dupuis
  • Hurlevent – La nuit des chasseursVolume 1 – Stéphane CRÉTY (drawing), Fred DUVAL (script) – published by Delcourt
  • Le Bestiaire du crépuscule – Daria SCHMITT (drawing and script) – published by Dupuis
  • Aquarica la baleine géante – Benoît SOKAL and François SCHUITEN (drawing and script) – published by Rue de Sèvres
  • Le Poids des héros – David SALA (drawing and script) – published by Casterman

The jury, acquainted with the charges leveled at Florent Ruppert (“#MeTooBD: Florent Ruppert is implicated by several women” at r/france on Reddit), deleted the prospective finalist for which he wrote the script. The Daria Scmitt work which came in at number six has taken its place.

The members of the jury are: Jacques Grasser (président du jury); Frédéric Bosser (Les Arts Dessinés, l’Immanquable, DBD); Hubert Prolongeau (Télérama); Olivier Souille ( Galerie Daniel Maghen); Laurent Vissiere (Historia BD); Stéphane Wieser (Directeur des Imaginales).

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