Prix Jacques-Brossard 2023

Dominique Scali has won the Prix Jacques-Brossard 2023, a juried award for French sff worth C$3,000 given to an author who has distinguished herself with a work or production published during the year. The jury selected Scali for her 2022 novel Les Marins ne savent pas nager published by La Peuplade.

The other two finalists for the award were Le Fil du vivant by Elsa Pépin (Alto) and Éveil à Kitchike by Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui (Hannenørak).

This year’s jurors were Fanie Demeule, publishing director at Tête Première and Hamac, lecturer at UQAM, author and winner of the 2022 Jacques-Brossard prize; Magali Laurent, literary director and author; Anaïs Paquin, critic for Brins d’éternité and Solaris and author; Mathieu Muir, project director in the environment and climate change team of an engineering firm, lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke as well as author, and Dave Côté, youth worker, writer and winner of the Jacques- Brossard 2019.

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One thought on “Prix Jacques-Brossard 2023

  1. Re the Prix Jacques-Brossard: I had to back and fill a bit to determine that the “French” SF/F award you reported on was, in fact, a French-Canadian SF/F award, presented in Montreal in mid-May 2023. But I worked it out.

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