Prix Jacques-Brossard 2024

 Alain Bergeron has won the Prix Jacques-Brossard, a juried award for French sff worth C$3,000 given to an author who has distinguished himself with a work or production published during the year. The jury selected Bergeron for his 2023 novel Le Silène assassiné, volume 1 of the Huitième register.

The other two finalists for the award were Venefica by Raphaëlle B. Adam and La Respiration du ciel, volume 1 of La Semeuse de vents, by Mélodie Joseph.

Alain Bergeron has twice won the precursor of the Prix Jacques-Brossard – the Grand Prix de la science-fiction et du fantastique québécois: in 1998, for his collection of short stories Corps-machines et rêves d’anges and his fantasy novel L’ Ennemie, and in 2004, for his novel Phaos. At the time of his retirement in 2008, he was Secretary-General of the Council for Science and Technology.

This year’s award jurors were Michel Bélisle, sff and co-founder of the Grand Prix de la science fiction et du fantastic québécois; Ariane Gélinas, lecturer at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières and winner of the Jacques-Brossard prize in 2013; Josée Lepire, social worker, science fiction writer, and literary critic for the Quebec magazine Solaris; Rachel Mayrand, teacher in literature and communication at the Cégep de Sherbrooke and sff literary critic in Lurelu, and Fabien Ménard, winner of the France-Québec prize in 2006.

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