Prix Jeunesse des Univers Parallèles 2019

Quebec author Véronique Drouin is the winner of the Prix jeunesse des univers parallèles 2019 (the Parallel Universe Youth Award) for her fantastic novel Cassandra Mittens and the Divine Touch (Éditions Québec Amérique).

Cassandra Mittens heroine of a story set in the late 19th century, must discern the false friends from the real ones surrounding her so that her divine touch (her ability to read in the minds of people at the mere touch of the skin) serves the good and fair.

The other two award finalists were:

  • Jocelyn Boisvert: Les Moustiques (Soulières Editor)
  • Gilles Côtes: 2099, the robotic brother (Éditions du Phoenix)

The winner was determined by the vote of 252 high school students from 12 schools in different regions of Quebec.

Véronique Drouin was also a finalist in 2006 during the first year of the award.

Véronique Drouin

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