Radio Reporter Seeks People To Interview About Eugie Foster

Jim Meadows, a reporter for WILL Radio/Illinois Public Media, asked File 770 for help:

I’ve been reading File 770 for years as a fan, but I’m writing you now in my job as reporter for WILL Radio, in Urbana, Illinois. It’s the home town of the late Eugie Foster, whose short story “When It Ends, He Catches Her” is up for a Nebula award. With the awards set to be announced this weekend, I’d like to talk to someone about Eugie Foster and her work. I’d love to get a piece on the air in advance of this weekend’s awards announcement about her.

Jim would like to hear from someone who knew Eugie Foster or knows her writing well, and is willing to talk about it for a radio interview. His e-mail address is: [email protected]. His phone numbers are 217-265-5081 / 217-300-0180.

5 thoughts on “Radio Reporter Seeks People To Interview About Eugie Foster

  1. By coincidence, this story by Foster was published by Daily Science Fiction on the day she died. It would be quite a moment if it won the Nebula.

  2. The combined forces of fandom and the Internet are unstoppable! Not long after Mike posted my call for help, I heard from Matthew Foster, Eugie Foster’s husband. We recorded an interview Thursday afternoon, and the story should run on WILL Radio and beginning Friday afternoon.

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