Ray Bradbury’s 89th Birthday Party

By John King Tarpinian: Ray Bradbury had two birthday parties on Saturday. The first one took place at one of his favorite places, a bookshop. This bookshop, Mystery and Imagination, is owned by dear friends of Ray of some thirty plus years. People that came to show their love for Ray were long time friends, William F. Nolan, George Clayton Johnson, Earl Hamner, Jr. and Do Berek (she’s still a 10 guys).

Many gifts were given, twenty-seven bottles of wine alone. Speeches were made. Much love and admiration filled the room to capacity. It was estimated that 300 people joined in at the bookshop while another 100 attended the theatre that evening. It was a wonderful day and the 90th party is in the planning stages. Today, Sunday, Ray is spending time with his four daughters and eight grandchildren. I wish to thank them for sharing their dad/grandpa with us on his actual birthday. Live Forever!

Photos: (by JKT) (1) Ray Bradbury’s 89th birthday cake; (2) Sylvia Mancini helps Ray blow out the candles; (3) William F. Nolan greets Ray; (4) George Clayton Johnson wishes Ray happy birthday; (5) Earl Hamner Jr. standing behind Ray; (6) Bo Derek poses for photo with Ray; (7) A little confetti got loose… (8) Ray’s birthday card; (9) An Irish hotel baggage label, one of Tarpinian’s birthday gifts to Ray. 

Ray Bradbury’s 89th Birthday Cake Sylvia Mancini helps Ray blow out the candles William F. Nolan greets Ray George Clayton Johnson greets Ray Earl Hamner Jr. standing behind Ray Bo Derek wishes Ray Bradbury happy birthday A little confetti got loose Ray Bradbury’s birthday card Irish hotel baggage label given to Ray by Tarpinian

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One thought on “Ray Bradbury’s 89th Birthday Party

  1. I’m honored to share Mr. Bradbury’s birthday (though quite a few years later). It’s a nice thing to be reminded of every year!

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