Reduced Budgets Impacting Upcoming TV/Video Seasons and Projects

By Daniel Dern: According to an article I read in today’s paper, some series and movies and books will do their best to cope with reduced budgets. Here’s an advance — and still tentative — partial list:

  • Law and Side-Order
  • Guardian of The Galaxy
  • Star Trek: Mildly Different Worlds
  • Superm and Loi
  • Have Space Suit, Going Across Town
  • Ancillary Shuttle
  • Stranger in a Strange County
  • RingMoon
  • The Wonder Months
  • The Righteous Cubic Zirconiums
  • Lord of the Ringlets (The Fellowship Of The Six)
  • Some Creatures Small
  • Buffy The Vampire Injurer
  • Cheer
  • Five Is All We’ve Got, Hope That’s Enough
  • The Sub-Network Effect
  • Sandmound
  • The Year’s Pretty Good Science Fiction
  • The Left Thumb of Darkness
  • Indiana Jones and the Magic Eight-Ball Of Destiny
  • Micrometeor Township
  • The Lincoln Paralegal
  • NCIS: Hoboken
  • File 335

12 thoughts on “Reduced Budgets Impacting Upcoming TV/Video Seasons and Projects

  1. Hmm. This has possibilities… many of them alarming…

    First Year Medical Student Who
    Hoboken Vice
    Constable Morse
    Z Bikes
    Buck Rogers in the 20th Century
    Cattlecar Galactica
    Quantum Hop

    But how do they decide where to make the cuts? Tar Wars or Star Disagreements? Hawaii 2-5 or Ipswich 5-0? Desperate Flatsharers or Worried Housewives? Cagney or Lacey?

    These are fairly deep waters, Watson….

  2. Ha’penny Dreadful
    The Partially Tamed
    The Duke in Yellow
    Pretty Good Omens
    Single Star
    Citizen Of The Nearby Stars
    Game of Kitchen Chairs

  3. I personally would buy a copy of “The Year’s Pretty Good Science Fiction.” LOL

  4. Where can I pre-order “The Year’s Pretty Good Science Fiction”?


    Game of Ottomans
    Normal Things
    The Okay Doctor
    Three Months of Longing
    Tepid Hand Luke
    The Godneighbor
    Captain America: The Winter ROTC Cadet
    Some Things Nearby Right Now

  5. Last time I played this game, I came up with one I’m very proud of:
    Twenty Years After, Steven Brust

  6. The Alleys Must Ambulate
    The Tweets Of Lazarus Long
    Towns In Flight
    Ground Floor Lensman
    The Partly Dismantled Man
    I Could Do This All Afternoon
    Carburetor Summer
    The Knock-Knock Joke Master of Hed

  7. Avengers: a large-ish, but definitely finite number War
    Cast-Iron Man
    Where in the Soundstage is Carmen Sandiego?

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