Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Rabbit Bites for Dogs, reviewed by Cider Carey

Cider’s friend in the Netherlands, another Chinese Crested dog named Menina, recommended rabbit treats, and Cider asked to try them—strictly for review purposes, of course!

I got more mail today, a new package of treats. They’re called Vital Essentials Rabbit Bites. I don’t know what that “bites” is about; they didn’t try to bite me or anything. Very nicely behave treats; I did all the biting.

The packaging, as you can see, is pretty dark. Lis says they want to look Very Serious, because they are pitching themselves as “healthy treats.” She says that’s a bit much, but as one-ingredient rabbit treats, they’re better than some treats, and dogs who are allergic to other things (like chicken! imagine being allergic to something as wonderful as chicken!) can usually eat rabbit.

So, this is where I inspect the package. You can almost see the package:

As usual, I could not find my way into it by myself and had to let Lis do it.

She got into it pretty easily this time, and the place they said to cut actually did leave enough space that it was easy to both open and close. That’s a win over the Max and Neo packaging, but let’s check out the treats.

Lis offered me one and managed to get a picture (barely!) before I had it in my mouth.

Tasty! Couldn’t wait to eat it.

And, turns out, these are training treats. Small ones, which means you can keep getting more, as long as you keep turning out Behaviors Lis likes. Or, sometimes, just get several because she wants to treat you! (Can you tell I love training treats, even when they aren’t rabbit?)

Here, I got three just for sitting still so Lis could get a picture of me sitting next to them.

Okay, a picture of my feet near them, but it’s really hard to sit near treats like that. Lis had to move fast and didn’t quite get the shot she wanted.

Here’s a picture of me with a little pile of them, after I didn’t dive on the ones Lis put near my feet till she told me I could.

These are really good, tasty treats. The package is easy for Lis to manage, so that’s something you credentials of any meat-eating species can tell your humans. Yes, they do make rabbit treats for cats, too!

I hope you enjoy this review, and the treats.

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