Relatively Good Timing

FlashForward, the tv series based on a novel by Robert Sawyer, has just premiered(*).

While the author is enjoying maximum name recognition, ISFiC Press is seizing the opportunity to advertise its collection of his stories, Relativity, and use the author’s popularity to attract attention to the press’s other books. Discounts are available – the more you buy, the more you save.

The full press release appears after the jump.

(*) And the Crotchety Old Fan reviews it here.

In honor of the television debut of FlashForward, ISFiC Press is offering a discount to anyone who purchases a copy of the Aurora Award-winning collection Relativity and at least one other currently-available book through the ISFiC Press website ( ) from now through November 10.

Relativity was Sawyer’s first American collection, including short stories, essays, speeches, and a crossword puzzle.  It was also ISFiC Press’s first book and only a limited number are still in stock.

* Purchase Relativity and any one other book: deduct 10% from your order total (before sales tax and shipping)

* Purchase Relativity and two or three other books: deduct 25% from your order total (before sales tax and shipping)

* Purchase Relativity and four or more other books: deduct 40% from your order total (before sales tax and shipping)

Other volumes eligible for this promotion include:

Harry Turtledove’s novel Every Inch a King, Jeff Duntemann’s novel The Cunning Blood, Mike Resnick & Joe Siclari’s Hugo-nominated anthology Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches, Tanya Huff’s collection Finding Magic, and Eric Flint & Mike Resnick’s anthology When Diplomacy Fails.

All ISFiC Press books are limited edition hardcovers.

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