Rent Bradbury’s Old Palm Springs Retreat

A Palm Springs home once owned by Ray Bradbury is available for rent. The ad copy begins its siren song:

This beautifully restored vintage Alexander home is located in the south end of Palm Springs in an area known as Twin Palms. The home was once owned by Ray Bradbury, the famous science fiction author and has been lovingly restored to its original charm.

Then the verbal home tour continues:

The third bedroom is the “Doris Day” room, which has powder blue furniture beautifully decorated with views out to the private atrium.

That sounds strange. We all know Ray’s admiration for everything Hollywood goes back to the days when he sold maps to the stars’ homes, and encompasses John Huston (Moby Dick) and Charles Laughton, but I never heard  of a connection with Doris Day. I asked John King Tarpinian about it and he answered: “Never heard it referred to as that…the room was Ray’s ‘office’ when they were staying there.”

But not wanting to strike out completely John added this Hollywood tidbit:

Speaking of Doris Day, my mother’s younger sister used to be Rock Hudson’s “date” in the early to mid 50s.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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