Silver: Fan Writer Hugo
Number Crunching

By Steven H Silver:  Because I don’t really want to work today, I was just looking over the Fan Writer Hugos and offer the following:

Only five individuals have won the fan writer Hugo on their first nomination, and one of those, of course, was in the first year it was offered:

Alexei Panshin (1 win /1 nominations)
Ted White (1/1)
Bob Tucker (1/1)
Bob Shaw (2/2)
Frederik Pohl (1/1)

Four people have declined a Best Fan Writer nomination: Alexei Panshin, which is why his win/nomination ratio is 1/1, Harlan Ellison, Ted White, and Mike Glyer.

24 of the 61 people nominated have only had one nomination (this includes James Bacon, who is currently a nominee).

14 people have dropped off the ballot and returned in subsequent years, 15 if you count Glyer’s declined nomination.

13 people have won the award, including 6 multiple winners (Warner, Geis, Wood, Shaw, Langford, Glyer)

12 people have had their first nomination in the 2000s

2 women have won the award (Wood, Morgan)

The longest streak of nominations and the longest winning streak both belong to Dave Langford (19 wins in a row, 31 nominations, 21 wins, total)

Most nominations without a win in the category is 12, a tie between Arthur Hlavaty and Evelyn C. Leeper.

The last time there were five different winners in five subsequent years was from 1970-1974 (Tucker, Geis, Warner, Carr, Wood) there has never been a longer streak of different winners.  This year, no matter which nominee wins, will tie that period.

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