Rick Brooks (1941-2014)

Richard Alan Brooks, 73, passed away May 19 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Rick Brooks and Alan G. Thompson published four issues Nargothrond in 1968-1969, with contributions from leading Indiana fans like Buck and Juanita Coulson and Sandra Miesel, plus letters of comment from around the country by Hank Davis, Mike Deckinger, Richard A. Delap, Seth A. Johnson, Bill Mallardi, Ron Smith, and Roger Zelazny.

Brooks also wrote short stories for fanzines and semiprozines.

He joined the Air Force in 1960 and served during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After his discharge he took a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked at Square D in Huntington, Indiana.

Brooks was a distant midwestern cousin of It Goes On The Shelf editor Ned Brooks. He is survived by a sister Elizabeth Brooks of Fremont, Indiana and a brother James Brooks of Houston, Texas.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]