Ron Salomon Announces His LiveJournal

Ron Salomon sends an e-mail announcing he has joined us here in the 21st Century. Yes, he has started a blog:

Hope everyone at your end of the world is OK. Any hints for slowing down kids aging? I just wrote a short note to Dave Langford that now that Second Son Aaron has matriculated into Jewish Manhood [?], I got no kids! I got two men who call me dad. Not the same thing but close to what it was. And yes, I even miss the diapers, the potty, the scrapes, walking, the words.

But anyways I should be writing about myself, since It’s all about Me Me Me.

I am now available if not comprehendible at LiveJournal, succumbing to many years of questioning why I wasn’t participating. By those same fans who now will be ruing the day. Ruing? Anyhow please spread the word, which is Faanboy, which is my handle [or am I retroing to the CB ‘70s?] to read my Stuff and Nonsense and hopefully to at least say hello electronically to myself, me, Ron. The LJ friend thing would be nice to have too.

That’s it. An early Boo!

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One thought on “Ron Salomon Announces His LiveJournal

  1. Hi Mike,

    Just a thanks for posting notice of my intent to unfafiate a bit. If it leads to further fannish communications and a subsequent continuation of my blog, well it’ll be all your fault. Unless Langford posts similar notice, then it will be partly your fault.

    Y H O S,

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