Roots of Dragon*Con?

Ned Brooks

With Dragon*Con approaching you’d naturally expect Access Atlanta to run a feature about this major hometown event. But would you expect it to be devoted to a veteran fanzine fan?

More than 40,000 Klingons, Jedi knights and devotees of science fiction and fantasy are expected to descend on downtown Atlanta starting Friday for the 24th annual DragonCon festival.

Where do these people come from? An answer lies in a nondescript house in a Lilburn subdivision, stuffed with typewriters and mimeograph machines, staplers and faded amateur anthologies.

Welcome to the home of Cuyler “Ned” Brooks, fanzine publisher.

The reporter also quotes Toni Weisskopf of Baen Books and Melissa Conway, curator of the special collection of fanzines at UC Riverside.

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One thought on “Roots of Dragon*Con?

  1. Nah, Ned looks altogether too organized to be a fan… It was a nice news piece, though, not at all like what we’ve come to expect from the press.

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