Rudy Rucker Interview at SPR

Self-Publishing Review follows the worldwide splash from its Tessa Dick interview by quizzing Rudy Rucker, a writer who reminds so many of PKD:

SPR: You offer your novel, Postsingular, for free online as a Creative Commons download. What’s your experience been with people downloading that book compared to people buying other novels through ebook distributors?

RR: …This did create some buzz, and I got some interesting fan email. Like one guy said, “I just read your novel on my phone,” and another said, “I read it on my screen in my cubicle at work.” As for the book’s actual sales, they were, I think, slightly better than my usual average, but not radically better, although we haven’t yet seen any numbers for the trade paperback edition, which just now came out.

[Thanks to Francis Hamit for the link.]

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