5 thoughts on “Saga Reveals Cover and ToC for Strahan’s The Year’s Best SF Volume 1

  1. IKR, I was thinking as I read the titles: “Man, these all sound great. I can;t wait for this one to come out.”

  2. So if I’m reading this correctly, this is actually Strahan’s Best SFF of the Year, Volume 14, he’s just jumped from Solaris to Saga as the series publisher.

    I wish they wouldn’t re-start the numbering like this. It makes it difficult for me to recognize whether I’ve already gotten the e-book.

  3. @JJ: That’s correct, although the counter reset may have been at the publisher’s insistence. It’s also now The Year’s Best SF, not SFF.

    Strahan mentioned in the intro to Volume 13 that it was the end of the series with Solaris, but that he would be doing a Best SF series with a different publisher. I wondered if he was going to be continuing the Dozois series for St. Martin’s, but obviously not.

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