Sasquan Membership Numbers Keep Rocketing Upward

Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon has gained another 1,000 members in the past two weeks, however, nearly 90% of the newcomers are supporting members.

The con now has a total of 8,016 members, including 3,517 attending and 4,183 supporting. It has gained 2,550 members this month alone.

A $40 supporting membership is the minimum requirement to become eligible as a voter in 2017 site selection or to vote on the winners of the Hugo Awards.

Here is how the new count compares to the figures reported as of April 12:

Sasquan Total Members
4/12/2015 7,016
4/23/2015 8,016
Increase 1,000


Adult Attending Members
4/12/2015 3,418
4/23/2015 3,517
Increase     99


Supporting Members
4/12/2015 3,300
4/23/2015 4,183
Increase    883

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51 thoughts on “Sasquan Membership Numbers Keep Rocketing Upward

  1. Old problems in election systems.

    If you want to vote for a list (or a committee) but you want to prevent a slate (or bloc) from taking over the entre list (or committee) you have to use a “proportional representation” system. There are several; the most popular is Single Transferrable Vote, but Reweighted Approval Voting works too.

    With a “proportional representation” system, if the slate only has the support of 10% of the voters, the slate will get 10% of the slots on the list. Simple as that.

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