Monster Hunter Tales Anthology Announced

Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Monster Hunter International creator Larry Correia have signed a contract with Baen to co-edit an anthology of stories set in Correia’s Monster Hunter universe.

Schmidt told his Facebook readers the anthology will feature 18-20 stories. Correia will write two of them himself, including one from a monster’s POV (never done before).

Other invited contributors include Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, Jessica Day George, Faith Hunter, John Ringo, Sarah A. Hoyt, John A. Pitts, Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Kupari, Maurice Broaddus, plus Steve Diamond and John C. Wright .

Correia says the book will come out in 2017.

7 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Tales Anthology Announced

  1. Thank you, Mike! Just one more reason to make sure to stop by on a regular basis.


  2. I guess it takes all kinds. People who like that thing ought to have some available.

  3. Get your Scorecards Ready!
    Only 4 of 12 announced are Women!
    Only 2 of 12 are Registered People of Color!
    0 in the QUILTBAG column? This is an Outrage! An offense against Dawkins and Marx!
    Diversity! Diversity! Who Cares If They Can Write!

    Save your hate. No need to spew it forth all at once. There will be another Hugo ceremony between now & then. You’ll have plenty of time to make more spite.
    (/sarcasm tag should be obvious, but won’t be.)

  4. Both Larry Correia and Jonathan Maberry have been teasing previews of their future collaborations, at least one of which teams Maberry’s Joe Ledger with Agent Franks from the MHI-verse. (Correia already contributed a story to Maberry’s “V-Wars” anthology.)

    If Franks/Ledger is in the MHI anthology, that’s reason enough to buy it right there. And Jim Butcher? John Ringo? JCW? Whoa.

    According to Correia on his blog tonight, Ringo is also doing a Monster Hunter trilogy of his own; apparently the first Correia heard of it was when Ringo handed him the manuscript of the first novel, and Ringo apparently has the second one already done. So that’s another collaboration in the pipeline…

  5. That’s interesting Wes.

    Ringo could probably turn his Princess of Wands stuff into an MHI-verse fairly easily.

    I just wish Ringo would add books to series like Vorpal Blade, Troy Rising, the zombie books, etc.

  6. I would think several of the invited authors would have the sense to turn down the invitation at this point. Cooperating with someone who’s actively giving himself a reputation as a jackass is… not necessarily a good career move.

  7. ” Cooperating with someone who’s actively giving himself a reputation as a jackass is… not necessarily a good career move.”

    Clearly the guy who just announced his big anthology set in his own universe, the trilogy collaboration with John Ringo, and the 6 or 7 books he has already sold on spec is having a rough career.

    Butcher, Faith Hunter, and Jody Lynn Nye all playing in the MHI sandbox sounds freaking amazing. I knew those Monsters at Winter’s gate were clearly elder gods!

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