Sasquan Online Store Opens

Get a head start on your 2015 Worldcon shopping in OffWorld Designs’ Sasquan store.

There are numerous designs, multiple styles of shirts, a hoodie, jacket and a cap. (The shirts go up to 5X. Good thinking there.)

Shirt options include the Brad Foster-designed memorial T-shirt with “In Loving Memory-Bobbie DuFault-Chair In Memoriam” printed on left sleeve. (Sasquan co-chair DuFault passed away in September 2013, soon after winning the bid.)

There is also a Sasquatch Foot t-shirt designed by Ray VanTilburg.

2 thoughts on “Sasquan Online Store Opens

  1. You know, if they get someone named Ann to handle the baseball cap sales, then they could have:

    The Sasquan-Annie Hat Company

    (“Slowly, I turn…”)


  2. It has been pointed out to me that I should explain that “The Susquehanna Hat Company” is an Abbott and Costello, or vaudeville variation, on the famous “Niagra Falls” sketch.

    Of course, if one has to explain…


    (And, after all, it just might br a shaggy puppy tale.)

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