Seeking Word of Japanese Fans

In the hours since a massive quake hit Japan fans have hoped to find that their friends in that country came through all right.  

Two contacts were reported on the Smofs list. Miho Hiramoto, Takumi and Sachiko Shibano’s daughter, told Craig Miller that both she and her mother (and their homes) are fine. Andrew Adams and his wife Tomoko, reached by Martin Easterbrook, are also okay.

LASFSian Tadao Tomomatsu wrote on Facebook that although his parents live in the U.S., 90% of his family lives in Japan and he is anxiously waiting to hear how they fared.

Update 03/13/2011: In later posts to Smofs, Nippon 2007 chair Hiroaki Inoue and his wife Tamie Inoue, and Nippon in 2017 bidders Tomoki Kodama and Saori Yamamoto were confirmed fine by Glen Glazer.  Andrew Adams also reported that “the HalCon/JASFIC/Nippon 2007 folks all seem to be fine. No reports of anyone hurt or missing.”