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The Science Fiction Encylopedia opened an online gallery on May 15 stocked with 1,837 book covers (and more to come.)

The contents are searchable by author, title keyword, illustrator and publisher. They can also be displayed as a slide show, or retrieved at random by clicking on  Lucky Dip.

Readers can participate in the upgrade and expansion of the gallery —

Some important Gallery pictures are smaller than we’d prefer. Ideally all portrait-format images should be 600 pixels wide, but those of the following first editions and of several others are only 350 pixels wide. We welcome larger scans of copies in good condition, and will of course give credit to anyone who can provide one – a new scan from your own or a willing friend’s collection, please, not online images which may be entangled in copyright issues.

Here is a wish list of items the editors have already identified for improvement:

Anthony Burgess – A Clockwork Orange
Arthur C Clarke – Childhood’s End
Frank Herbert – Dune
A Merritt – The Face in the Abyss
James H Schmitz – The Witches of Karres

If you can help, please use the SFE email contact form.

[Via Ansible Links, courtesy of John King Tarpinian.]

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One thought on “SF Encyclopedia Gallery

  1. The plug is much appreciated, Mike. Thanks to the good offices of David Dyer-Bennet we now have a much better Dune cover (and the wants list has been updated). There are also a number of newly uploaded covers from R. Lionel Fanthorpe titles published by Badger Books …

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