SF&F Translation Awards Ended

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards series has come to an end. Cheryl Morgan, a director of the Association for the Recognition of Excellence in SF & F Translation (ARESFFT) which administered the award, announced October 29 the organization is being dissolved.

There are many reasons for this, but mostly they are to do with the time and effort required to run the awards on an amateur basis. It has become increasingly difficult to find people willing to act as jurors. Several of the existing Directors have had major changes in their lives that have left them with far less free time than they had previously. And all attempts to find new Directors have failed to produce any volunteers.

The members of the Board of Directors were Gary K. Wolfe, President, Kevin Standlee, Secretary-Treasurer, Melissa Conway, Rob Latham, Cheryl Morgan and Nalo Hopkinson.

The SF&F Translation Awards were given from 2011-2013.

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  1. And I do want to reiterate that, per our announcement and Cheryl and my personal posts on the matter, that aside from a small amount of money ($100) held in reserve against administrative expenses relating to shutting the organization down, we’ve returned grants to the most recent donors. (As the Treasurer, I’m rather grateful that our recent grants were relatively large compared to our size, rather than a series of small ones; it made returning the money a lot easier.) Once we’ve completely the shutdown, any final amount left will be give to the most-recent donor so that we can report a clean closure to the various government agencies involved like the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts, Secretary of State, and Franchise Tax Board, as well as the Internal Revenue Service.

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