SFWA Bulletin To Return

SFWA announced today the Bulletin will be coming back. Publication of the SFWA Bulletin was suspended this summer when members’ complaints about sexist features reached the boiling point. The organization has since created a task force, surveyed members about the Bulletin’s future, and learned —

One thing is unambiguously clear from our members’ responses: the Bulletin is an important service and must continue.

Coming first will be an interim issue, edited by Tansy Rayner Roberts, about SFWA’s services and capacities, and how the group helps members in their careers, including features about the publishing field and SFWA projects.

Future issues will be produced by an editor whom SFWA says it will select from “qualified applicants both inside and outside SFWA.” The interim issue will appear this winter. No timeframe was announced for resumption of regular publication of the Bulletin.