Sidewise Awards Nominees for 2021

The nominees for the Sidewise: Sidewise Awards for Alternate History for the calendar year 2021 were announced July 19. 


  • Matt Kresal, “Hitchcock’s Titanic,” Tales from Alternate Earths, Vol. III, Inklings Press, 2021
  • Alan Smale, “Gunpowder Treason,” Tales from Alternate Earths, Vol. III, Inklings Press, 2021
  • Rick Wilber, “Billie the Kid,” Asimov’s, 9/10, 2021


  • Laurent Binet, translated by Sam Taylor, Civilizations, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2021
  • Laura Frankos, Broadway Revival, Swallow’s End Publishing, 2021
  • Chris Hadfield, The Apollo Murders, Mulholland Books, 2021
  • Natasha Pulley, The Kingdoms, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021

The winners will be revealed at this year’s Worldcon, Chicon 8, to be held in Chicago, Illinois from September 1-5.

The members of this year’s panel of judges are Matt Mitrovich, Olav, Rokne, Kurt Sidaway, and Steven H Silver.

The Sidewise Awards have been presented annually since 1995 to recognize excellence in alternate historical fiction.

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4 thoughts on “Sidewise Awards Nominees for 2021

  1. Some notes on this year’s nominees (compiled by Olav, Rokne, and me):

    Laura Frankos is the first Sidewise finalist who is the spouse of a previous Sidewise finalist

    Sidewise finalists Alan Smale and Chris Hadfield worked for the same organization for many years! (Smale is still with NASA, though Hadfield no longer is)

    All of the Short Form finalists are previous winners. It is the first nomination for each of the Long Form finalists

    Binet’s work is translated from French. Although previous nominees have been translated from Portuguese and Spanish, the only translated work to win was also translated from French.

    Asimov’s has published 11 previous winners and Mulholland has published 1 previous winner.

  2. Strictly speaking, did Hadfield work for NASA? I thought he worked for the Canadian Space Agency, with a detail to NASA.

  3. Hadfield was assigned to Johnson Space Center by the CSA, where he served as NASA’s Chief CAPCOM and was later the chief of robotics for the NASA Astronaut Office.

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