Silver: Lost Your Hugo Nominee Pin?

By Steven H Silver: Chicon 7 is running a Hugo Nominee replacement program. Past Hugo nominees who either have lost their nominee pins and want to replace them, or where nominated at Denvention and received the one year alternate Hugo nominee pin who want to replace them with the more traditional pin, may place an order for missing pins by sending an e-mail with the number of pins they need to replace to [email protected]. Please indicate how many pins you need to replace.

Each pin replacement will cost $3.75.  The pins will be available for pickup at Chicon 7 this August.  If you would like to replace pins and won’t be attending Chicon 7, you can either arrange to have someone pick them up for you or we will ship after the convention if you add in the cost of postage (again, contact [email protected] for rates).

Please help us by letting people to whom this program will apply know about it.

Orders for replacement pins must be received by June 15.

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5 thoughts on “Silver: Lost Your Hugo Nominee Pin?

  1. I cannot help but wonder how far back these pins were first issued. My fanzine HOLIER THAN THOU was a Hugo nominee in 1984, 1985, and 1986, and I do not remember being issued any pins at those three Worldcons.

  2. I’m not sure when the practice of giving out Hugo nomination pins began. I know I received one when I was nominated in 2000, but when I mentioned it to Jack McDevitt this weekend, he said that he did not receive a pin in 1997 for his nomination for “Time Travelers Never Die,” so it seems they were introduced in the second half of the 1990s.

    Mike or some of the other nominees from that period might be able to narrow it down further.

  3. @Steven: Just have Resnick check his bandolier! Well, that might not work either because most years there was not a date on the pin.

    I don’t immediately remember when the pins begain. Early Nineties perhaps when Cold War travel restructions eased a bit. They were supplied by some Russian fans initially. (Didn’t MagiCon do a gold-colored pin as the 50th Worldcon?) That source dried up in 1996. Don’t know how it was handled later.

  4. The gold colored pins were for Torcon, the 50th anniversary of the Hugo Awards.

    And I’ve been informed that we have a source for those, so people who are missing that year’s rocket pin may be able to receive a gold pin replacement.

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