Sincerely Yrs HPL

H. P. Lovecraft

H. P. Lovecraft

A signed H. P. Lovecraft letter is being offered on eBay for $4,400.

He wrote the 1,125-word missive to fantasist Clark Ashton Smith on March 15, 1927.

As a Los Angeleno I blush to read Lovecraft’s perceptive comment about our fair city:

….Los Angeles appears to be a particular centre of emptiness & pretense—a nest of crazy cults & lopsided Babbitry & realtorism out of which nothing good can be expected for many mellowing generations…

The current price is a 20% discount on the original asking price.

5 thoughts on “Sincerely Yrs HPL

  1. Los Angeles resident Raymond Chandler:
    “Los Angeles was just a big dry sunny place with ugly homes and no style, but goodhearted and peaceful. It had the climate they just yap about now. People used to sleep out on porches. Little groups who thought they were intellectual used to call it the Athens of America. It wasn’t that either, but it wasn’t a neon-lighted slum either.”

    On the other hand, he seemed not that fond of Hollywood:
    “Hollywood has all the personality of a paper cup.”

  2. “You could put all the sincerity in Hollywood into a flea’s navel and still have room for an agent’s heart.” — Fred Allen

  3. HPL’s level of “icky” was kind of low. He’s probably be mortified by today’s world in the LA area. And everywhere else.

    It’s nice that people can still recall Fred Allen.

  4. “It’s nice that people can still recall Fred Allen.”

    It’s a nice thought, but …. the doc I recently saw for a health issue was lamenting that hardly any of the kids at his synagogue had heard of Humphrey Bogart.

    Time marches on.

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